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Raise/Rise, Set/Sit, Lay/Lie

on January 24, 2013



1. raise, raised, raised

example: The student raised his hand in class

2. set, set, set

example: I will set the book on the desk

3. lay, laid, laid

example: I am laying the book on the desk


4. rise, rose, risen

example: The sun rises in the east

5. sit, sat, sat

example: I sit in the front row

6. lie, lay, lain

example: He is lying on his bed

Raise, set, and lay are transitive verbs, they are followed by an object, Rise, sit, and lie are NOT intransitive, they are NOT followed by an object.

in(1): raised is followed by the object hand.

in(4): rises is not followed by an object.

so Lay and lie

are troublesome for native speakers too and are frequently misused.

if you want see more example, look in here


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