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Suffixes and Prefixes

on January 25, 2013

A suffixes usually indicates a word’s parts of speech without giving important information about its meaning. Thus,  suffixes are not always useful clues to the meaning of unfamiliar words, except er, -ist, and –less (see explanation for these three below the table of common suffixes) or see in here.

a.Verb suffixes

-ify, example : glorify, identify, beautify

-ize, example : popularize, customize, minimize, maximize

b.Noun suffixes

-ance, example : confidence, insurance, performance

-dom, example : freedom, kingdom

-ion, example : information, invitation, creation

-ity, example : activity, responsibility, popularity

see in here if you want to know more example about noun suffixes

c.Adjective suffixes

-able, example : believeable, reasonable

-full, example : beautiful, succesful, colourful

-ive, example : imaginative, collective, creative, responsive

-y, example : healthy, cloudy, earthy, sissy

see in here if you want to know more example about adjective suffixes

d.Adverb suffixes

-ly, example : nicely, gently, loudly

-ward, example : homeward, backward, softward

see in here if you want to know about adverb suffixes

Prefixes Different from a suffix which usually changes the part of speech of a word, prefixes usually changes its meaning. For example, the suffix –able changes verbs into adjectives (adaptable, enjoyable)

The prefix im changes the meaning to the opposite (measurable becomes immeasurable). see in here to know some example of preffixes

prefixes  “un and non”

prefixes “dis, il, im, in and ir”



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