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Speaking project

on January 28, 2013

Speaking Project

                          “Television  interview and the themes Jakarta hot topics.”

Adelina fransiska is a student at Christian University of Indonesia as resource person

Arman Magati is a taxi driver as a resource person

Septy Yanty Pasaribu as a Questioner

“Greeting to audience” by septy pasaribu

Septy :   Good morning audience, with 6 coverage back again with me septy Pasaribu with two colleagues of mine, Mr. arman who was a taxi driver and  ms.adel is a student at Christian University Indonesia and we will discuss about the topic of life in the city of Jakarta. please give your attention.

Question during Interview

Septy :   Sir, what do you think about  life in Jakarta as you is a taxi driver in the city of Jakarta?

Arman : I think Jakarta is very hard at times, as many people said that Jakarta is a bustling city residents, many vehicles and too many issues going on there

Septy :   Then, how do you think ms adel?

Adel :    I agree with Mr. arman we know that life in Jakarta is very hard, a lot of people there, a lot of crime there, the city of Jakarta is a big city is all there, even in jakarta place that I think is the kindest, most evil, the richest and the poorest.

Septy :   Any problems that hot in the current issue jakarta ?

Arman : we can see on television, in newspapers or magazines jakarta are currently experiencing congestion, flooding, and violence are everywhere such as floods that occurred in the major cities.

Septy :   oh I see, that’s right sir, and how about you Ms. adel?

Adel :    its true what is sir arman said if the problem is  that recent jakarta congestion, floods, violence, crime, problems everywhere brawl example only issue problem rallies workers.

Septy :   you as a taxi driver, what is the result of the jam with your deposit? What  is  increase, decrease, or have no effect?

Arman :  I think there is simply no its influence for me, when jammed or not his or her income only slightly.

Septy :   And what about you as a student Adel, what universities are there in jakarta?

And how student behavior is now in jakarta?

Adel :    A lot of university in jakarta, among its my campus Christian University Indonesia, Indonesian universities, Atma Jaya University, University Tarumanegara and much more. hmm,, I think nowadays student behavior is not in line with expectations, they like to fight with the things that are not clear.

Septy :  So, what do you think solutions the problems that exist in jakarta ?

Adel  :   I think the solution of the existing problems in Jakarta is the return to his leadership as governor of his wise, caring and firm to his people was one of his solutions

Septy :    What do you think sir arman?

Arman : Yes, I agree with your answer adel apart from a wise governor, Jakarta residents should pay more attention to its particular environment in order to avoid flooding better dispose of waste in its place, I think so.

Septy :   Oh so, well, thank you for the opportunity and hopefully this interview time can be input and meaningful to the citizens of Jakarta. (stand up and shake hands them)

Adel and Arman : Oke you’re welcome (stand up ad go out)

“Septy said to the audience”

I get information from this interview is that the city of Jakarta are still many problems that need to be in the fix of the problem jams, floods and acts of violence. so of 6 coverage and thank you for your attention.



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