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Syllables, stress, and rhythm

on January 28, 2013

A. Syllables

Any word can be divided into one or more syllables. A syllables may be defined as one or a group of sounds articulated in a relatively short interval before another sound comes. The number of syllables a word may have can be formularized as the number of the interval plus the ending pause.

B. Stress

1. Pronouncing stressed syllables

English language has stress toward the syllables of words. stressed syllables are pronounced more prominently, longer, and stronger than the unstressed ones. Stressed syllables is given a’sign before the syllable.

Look at the placement of the sign of stress in the following words.





‘interesting or inte’resting


C. Rhthym

Some very common words in english have two pronounciations, sometimes called their STRONG and WEAK forms.


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