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My Laptop (Descriptive Paragraph)

on May 1, 2014

My Laptop

Everyone has a favorite thing, of course they have some reasons why did they like their favorite thing. I included, I also have my favorite thing, and it is laptop. Why did I say like that? For me, laptop is useful and has many functions. Here, I want to describe my laptop. The size of my laptop is big size, it is about 14 inch as a usual laptop and the brand is Ac-er. It has black color, but another color for laptop these are red, white, and etc. As I am a student, I need laptop to do my task, almost all of the tasks of my course need laptop. For example, through Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, and Microsoft power point. I often do my tasks through these programs. So, it means that my laptop is very useful and can help me to do my task. On the other hand, when I feel tired after I do finish my task, I often change it with playing games, watching CD/DVD and sometimes I also listen to music through my laptop. Another benefit of my laptop is by communicating via internet. In this modern area, we can meet or communicate with each other without meet directly. Luckily, I can do it by communicating via internet. Such as using Skype or we called it “Video call”, using mail or email, and the last one is by using Facebook and twitter. That’s all about describe my laptop.







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